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Health Assessment

Your Wellness Action Plan


Get Screened

Visit your primary care provider or health professional for your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and other health risk measures and preventative care exams.


Complete your Health Assessment

Available through StayWell and Kaiser Permanente to obtain a picture of your current health status and action plan. All personal health information is held confidential.


Take Action!

A health assessment is the first step toward planning positive lifestyle changes. 

To achieve good health, it’s important that we know where we are starting from. The Health Assessment is a chance for you and your spouse/ domestic partner to learn more about your current health status and to identify any areas for improvement.

By completing your confidential Health Assessment, you can gain insight on:

  • Health risks you may currently have but don't know about.
  • Information about topics such as weight management, nutrition and hypertension.
  • Tools to help you make positive health behavior changes.

Health assessments are available to members of the UC non-Kaiser medical plans through StayWell Health Management and to members of Kaiser Permanente under Kaiser's HealthWorks wellness program.

UC non-Kaiser members (StayWell Health Assessment)

Kaiser Permanente members

Handout on the StayWell and Kaiser Health Assessments

Your Privacy and Confidentiality

When completing the HA, you will have the option to decide whether or not to share your personal information with your Health Plan. UC will never receive personally identifiable information about you from StayWell or from Kaiser. UC will receive only aggregate summary information for the purposes of reporting and wellness program planning. See the new Joint Statement by University of California Health Benefit Plans Regarding the Use of Health Assessment Questionnaire Data.

Go to the UC Living Well portal to find more information and links to StayWell, Kaiser HealthWorks, other UC wellness programs, and UC Recreational Sports Facilities.

The University is committed to investing in the health and well being of its employees.

 UC Living Well

More Information 

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