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MobileFit Program

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The MobileFit program is available for all faculty and staff who are interested in participating in a convenient on-site fitness program to improve overall health and wellness. The goal of this program is to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries by increasing body awareness, improving core strength and stability, improving coordination and reaction time, and increasing flexibility.

How it Works:

Groups of at least 8-10 can request to host a fitness session in your area. (If you do not have a group, feel free to contact us and we can notify you when a group is formed near you)

  • Sessions are 30 minutes in length and held once a week for during a 10 week cycle.
  • Sessions are scheduled based on departmental requests and instructor availability
  • A safe area/space is required
  • All classes are FREE!
  • Groups can choose from the Mobile Fit Menu below.

MobileFit Menu

Get Fit

A great total body workout that incorporates cardiovascular training and resistance training in one complete workout. Are you ready for this total body challenge?

Core Fit

Challenge your core with functional exercises that strengthen the spine, improve movement mechanics and posture and decrease the risk of injuries. Learn how to stay strong and centered at work or at home.

Stretch Well

This workout combines stretching, relaxation, and meditation exercises to reinvigorate you and give you energy throughout the day. Stretch your way to better health and learn ways to relax and combat stress and lethargy experienced during the workday.

The Spring MobileFit session runs April 6 - June 12, 2015.

There are 16 groups you can join this Winter. If you are interested in participating in any of these groups, please contact the group lead and Julie Chobdee to complete a health history/consent form.

If you would like to bring MobileFit to you or have any questions, please contact:

Julie Chobdee
Wellness Program Coordinator
Human Resources
(951) 827-1488

Roger Phan
Occupational Wellness Coordinator
Student Recreation Center
(951) 827-4487

More Information 

General Campus Information

University of California, Riverside
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Tel: (951) 827-1012

Program Information

Julie Chobdee, MPH
Wellness Program Coordinator
Human Resources

1201 University Ave., Suite 208
Riverside, CA 92507

Tel: (951) 827-1488
Fax: (951) 827-2672

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