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Move More for 3 to 4


Move 3-4 minutes every hour!

Move More for 3-4 is an awareness messaging campaign sponsored by the UCR Faculty and Staff Wellness Program and Ergonomics Program. The goal of the campaign is to increase movement/activity throughout the day to promote better health, reduce ergonomic risks, and create a positive healthy culture change.

Congratulations Orbach Library and Child Development Center for winning the Move More video competition!  

Watch these videos to get moving during the day!

Child Development Center employees get moving "like Jagger."

 Orbach Library employees get moving, 80's style.

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Kick-Off Flyer

How do UCR faculty and staff stay active during the day? Let's take a look at our

Move More for 3-4 Role Models!

Karen White

Associate of the Chancellor
Chancellor’s Office

“Like many people with busy schedules, Tim and I find it really hard to “set aside” time to exercise on a daily basis, even though we know we should. However, we try to take advantage of opportunities to be active whenever we can and integrate physical activity into our daily lives, such as taking the stairs, walking across campus to get to meetings, and playing in the backyard with our son in the evenings. On weekends we try to do something active as a family, like cycling or kayaking. It’s fun for us and it helps our son learn the value and joy of physical activity as well.

My best motivator and exercise companion is our dog, Bella, who never lets a day go by without going on some sort of a walk. I also always seem to make it to my weekly Pilates class. I guess that just shows that we’re often more accountable to others or to whatever is listed on our calendar than we are to ourselves. I encourage everyone to sign up for a class or to find an exercise partner, put the activity on your calendar as a recurring appointment, and then honor that commitment.”

Family Bikers

Rebecca Ryan

Department of Chemistry

“Get up and Walk, Walk, Walk ….I walk everywhere. I start my work day by parking in the back of Lot 13 and walk to my office. That’s right; I purposely park far away from my building. I don’t take elevators. I bypass elevators and take the stairs. I also walk to the HUB for lunch every day too. I know that it is difficult sometimes to make the time to get up from your desk, but you just need to every once in a while & get moving!

Say no to elevators and yes to stairs
Say NO to elevators!” Stairs YES!!!

Kathy Barton

Executive Director Strategic Initiatives
School of Medicine - Finance & Administration

"Instead of taking the elevator, I almost always use the stairs. That is mostly because it is faster than the elevator, but it also keeps me ready for when my UCR colleague Don Davidson shames me into running -- actually for me, walking and crawling -- to the Big C above campus."

At the Big C

Andy Plumley

Assistant Vice Chancellor
Housing, Dining & Residential Services

“First, I start my day with a half hour on the treadmill watching the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. No matter what the rest of the day has in store, I am revved up physically and in good humor!

While I may not always have time to walk from one meeting to the next, I always park a little further out and take the stairs.

And when in the office, I take my 3-4 minute break to grab some coffee and visit folks in the office. And I always take time to laugh!

So get moving, be well, and yuck it up!!”

andy walking

Regina Gonzalez

Regina Gonzalez

Teacher’s Assistant
Child Development Center


“I joined the Wellness Program in 2011 and immediately started my walking routine during my lunch break. I normally walk around the UCR campus. During my walk I listen to nature, or just take the time to think about a project I'm working on, or plan out my afternoon. After the workout, I feel that I've accomplished something. This can give you quite the boost in self-esteem, and helps instill a pride in yourself. In return, feeling like you can accomplish things makes you more likely to work out again, which of course gives you a greater feeling of accomplishment. This creates a circle of positive reinforcement that will have you working out regularly.”

Nadine Okuns

Sr. Financial Analyst
Center for Nanoscale Science & Engineering

maraton runner I believe that the body is amazing, and it responds better to slow changes in diet and exercise. Trying to lose weight and eat properly must become a lifestyle change and not a temporary fix. I start my day by walking four miles in the morning with my mother. In the afternoon I walk approximately 3 miles with a friend, and in the evening I run approximately 6 miles sometimes more. Depending on my schedule this could increase or decrease, but I always try to get some exercise in everyday even if it’s using my hula hoop while watching TV. I also try to walk from my desk about every hour.

Emma Simmons

Associate Dean of Student Affairs
School of Medicine – Finance and Administration


I stay active during the work day by taking multiple mini-breaks and taking the stairs or walking around the building. Drinking lots of water also helps to promote movement. I challenge you to get up and move whenever the thought even briefly crosses your mind.

Pamela S. Clute Ph.D.

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Educational and Community Engagement
Executive Director of the ALPHA Center

“Physical exercise is a gift I give myself each day. It improves my thinking, gives me energy and lifts my spirits. I schedule a workout just like I would an important appointment or an event.

My preference is “the gym” with its variety of cardio-equipment and weights. My love is AB Attack, a unique workout for the core of the body which I have been teaching at the Student Recreation Center since it opened.

My motto is just keep moving throughout the day in any way that fits with your schedule. The most perfect exercise is the one you will do!” -- Pamela S. Clute, Ph.D.

Jennifer Miller

The Well (Well-being, Empowerment, Life Learning)

I place a work-out bag in the trunk of my car and I unwind at a group fitness class every day before I go home. I mix it up with sets of friends. It is a great opportunity for me to unwind after work, catch up with friends and go home in a relaxed and fit way. My favorite classes are Bootcamp, Spinning, and Kickboxing. It is nice to see movement as a fun way to connect with others and take good care of our bodies. You also realize that your body can do amazing things when you just relax and enjoy it with a fun community.


Cindy Giorgio

Associate Chancellor
Chancellor’s Office

“I’ve been at UCR nearly 32 years. My first day on the job I asked where the PE Building was, and started the habit of exercising every day on my lunch hour. I consider that time sacred. For many years I swam, but now I go to the Student Rec Center to use the elliptical machine and lift weights. My office knows better than to schedule something for me during that time, unless absolutely necessary! In fact, if I miss a few days I get cranky, and they encourage me to get back to the gym!

Also, as an aside, I vowed when I came to Hinderaker eight years ago that I would take the steps instead of the elevator unless I was (a) being sociable or (b) carrying something very heavy or awkward. I’ve stuck to it!”

Mark Manalang

Communications Manager & Editor/Writer
School of Business Administration

"At the business school, I started a workout group with some coworkers after I had gained about 30 pounds. We exercise every workday during lunchtime for about 40-50 minutes. In addition to our MobileFit Wednesdays, we do yoga, Pilates, interval/circuit training, cardio kickboxing, tae bo, and whatever else we might be interested in trying out. Our school also participates every year in the UCR Cesar Chavez 5k, and in preparation we do 5k walks/runs around campus. I have lost 20 pounds in the past 8 months as a result of social exercising."

Tim Willette

Policy Analyst & Information Officer
Finance & Business Operations

portrait Work to Stay Alive
Walk to Feel Alive
Wandering & Wondering
I am blessed to work & walk at such a vibrant place like UCR.
I work around & walk with some of the brightest & most dedicated people.
That noted;
Working & walking do not define me.
They serve as a means to an end.
What is that end?
It’s to wander & wonder
To discover & to develop
The gifts within me & to share with others.

Kimberly Wolf

Academic Programs Coordinator
Department of Mathematics


“Since my job is fairly sedentary, I try to get up and walk around our building a few times a day. If I need to speak with someone, I use that opportunity to go in person and ask them, instead of emailing. This not only gets me up and moving, but sometimes a little “face-time” is better than an email anyway! If the weather is bad I can walk around the inside of the building. I try to do this every few hours. It not only makes me feel better, people remember what I look like!”

Aaron Bushong

Lead Academic Advisor
College of Natural & Agricultural Services

“As an advocate of Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion, which states that an object in motion will stay in motion, and an object at rest will stay at rest, I strive to remain active each day. In addition to the daily workout routine I follow at home, I also strive to stay active while at work. I have push-up bars, resistance bands, and a balance ball in my office for periodic stress relief. During breaks throughout the day, I take ‘laps’ from my office in Pierce Hall around the bell tower. When I do not walk between meetings on campus, I ride my bike, which I always keep in my office. Instead of using the telephone or an instant messenger to communicate with people in my office throughout each day, I get up to talk to them in person. Finally, over the past 14 years, I have alternated between walking, running, riding my bike, and swimming during my lunch breaks. I am motivated to stay active for many reasons, including a quote from Edward Stanley, which states, ‘Those who think they have not the time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.’”


Marylynn V. Yates

College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

I walk to all of my meetings. That may not sound like much, but my office is in College Building North, and when you have numerous meetings per week in Hinderaker, it adds up!

Deepak Sharma

Coordinator, Student Affairs Peer Programs
The Well (Well-being, Empowerment, Life Learning)

I keep active in two ways, promoting health and wellness resources to students who visit our office and campus programs. In addition, I regularly participate in Mobile Fit and climb stairs for leisure.


Cheryl Garner

Executive Director of Dining Services
Housing, Dining & Residential Services

Portrait “Building a routine into a busy schedule is always difficult, but still not impossible. Whenever time allows, I walk to my meetings. Since these occur at locations all over campus, this can really allow me time to get moving. I try to walk to lunch too. I almost always use the stairs, not the elevator. In my office I have a desk that can be raised to standing height, which gets me up and out of my chair and allows me to move a little while I’m working, and on my desk is a 5# weight, so that even if I’m confined, I can work my arms. Hold the phone in one hand and the weight in the other and by the end of the day I can complete a little workout for arms. I don’t keep a copy machine in my office, I have to get up to get a copy from a central copy machine – saves money and keeps me moving. At the end of the day, every little bit helps. About three nights a week, I hit my treadmill for an hour and on the weekends I try to golf at least 18 holes.”

James Miller, Sr.

Senior Custodian
Pentland Hills

  • No better way to start my day, than a little exercise on the way to work riding my bicycle.
  • When your body feel stiff and tight, stretching for a few minutes can help you feel at your best.

  • Being physically fit during the work day is the only way to play the day to day game. Staying fit will help you to go a long ways.

  • When you are stuck at your desk and you are not at your best; get up and stretch for a few minutes and move around, it’s the best therapy in town.

  • Exercise helps regenerating your body and soul and maintaining your strength.

  • Physical activity off working hours:

    • I go to the gym 3 days per week, and expend one hour each time.

    • I enjoy roll skating during weekends for several hours at a time.

    • I play hand ball

    • I play basketball

    • Swimming


Brittney Lindsey

Program Assistant, Graduate Programs
Anderson Graduate School of Management

Portrait “To stay active throughout the day, I like to take 3-5 minute walks around the Anderson Hall North and South buildings. In addition, I usually take a short walk around campus during my 15 minute break, or meet with my mobile fit group to work out during my lunch break.”

Susan Allen Ortega

Assistant Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students
AVC/Dean of Students

“I start each day with a walk with my ‘Highlandaliers’ (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with UCR spirit) and whenever possible walk to and from meeting and events on campus.”

susan walking two dogs

Diane Thomas

Administrative Assistant
Dining Services

portrait “I play a game where I pick an activity that isn’t part of my usual day, JUST ONE, and focus on doing that for 5 minutes, 5 times throughout the day. It’s really easy for anyone to stay focused on only one thing for one day and the game is finding as many different things to do as I can! I have developed a cubicle/chair routine and have a light weight and stretch band in my desk drawer. On Saturday I pick an aerobic activity (fast walk, run/walk, bicycling, swimming, etc.) to challenge myself more and do that for at least an hour minimum. Sunday is my rest day and then the game begins again on Monday.”

Brian Wickstrom

Director of Athletics
Intercollegiate Athletics

“I have always followed some fitness program since I completed my track career at Kansas State in 1991.

Since I have been at UC Riverside, Jason List and I have a 5am cross-fit workout Monday – Friday. We have about 12-15 employees that follow the same program and they meet every lunch hour to complete the workouts.

Working in athletics, everybody wants to be in good condition so we can practice what we preach.

During the day, I manage by walking around. I would rather walk to someone’s office than to pick up the telephone. I feel more connected by following this route.

Good health means lower stress and happier days.”

Brian doing push-ups

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