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Wellness Related Policies & Guidelines

UCR Wellness-Related Policies and Guidelines 

Absence From Work

The University understands and appreciates that employees require time away from work for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to: parental leave (baby bonding), work incurred injury or illness, disability, pregnancy, family and medical. To that end, the University provides a full array of time off policies to help eligible employees integrate work and personal obligations.

Alternative (Flexible) Work Schedules

Alternate Work Schedules are a part of the campus Work/Life program and allow staff and departments some flexibility in defining when, where and how work is done. This flexibility is a critical driver of employee well-being and performance and is responsive to the changing professional and personal demographics of the multi-generational workforce. The alternate work schedules available at UCR include the compressed workweek, flextime, and telecommuting.

Bicycle Registration

Participants enrolled in the Cyclist and Walker Alternative Transportation program receive several valuable incentives designed to make cycling and walking an even better commute choice. All bicycles operated or parked at UCR are required to have a current California Bicycle License. Transportation and Parking Services is providing FREE bicycle license registration to members of the campus community.

Disability Management and Reasonable Accommodation

The University provides reasonable accommodation to otherwise qualified employees who are disabled or become disabled and need assistance to perform the essential functions of their positions. The interactive process shall be used to determine what, if any, reasonable accommodation will be made.

Educational Leave (Professional Development)

The University supports both career-related and job-related professional development activities. Professional Development activities may include but are not limited to: opportunities for on-the-job training, cross training, coaching, and internships; attendance at courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, institutes, lectures, and meetings; and participation in professional and technical associations.

Ergonomics Program

The Ergonomics Program serves all UC Riverside campus employees. Through consultative services and training, the program works with departments to provide ergonomic workstations and promote safe and healthy work habits.  The Ergonomics Program website offers resources and services requests to the campus.

Healthy, Safety and the Environment

University of California Policy on Management of Health, Safety and the Environment
The University of California is committed to achieving excellence in providing a healthy and safe working environment, and to supporting environmentally sound practices in the conduct of University activities. It is University policy to comply with all applicable health, safety, and environmental protection laws, regulations and requirements.
To meet this standard of excellence, the University implements management initiatives and best practices to systematically integrate health, safety, and environmental considerations and sustainable use of natural resources into all activities. All University activities are to be conducted in a manner that ensures the protection of students, faculty, staff, visitors, the public, property, and the environment.
The University’s goal is to prevent all workplace injuries and illnesses, environmental incidents, and property losses or damage.

Healthy Meetings

The UCR Guide for Healthy Meetings and Events supports the campus effort to foster health and create a campus environment in which opportunities to eat healthy and be physically active are readily accessible to all faculty, staff, and students. Campus meetings and events that include provision of refreshments should meet the nutrition and sustainability guidelines including fruits or vegetables and water, at a minimum, and food options made with whole grains, healthy fats, lean protein sources and modest portions.

Lactation Accommodation

UCR is committed to providing a supportive environment that enables faculty and staff to express their milk in private, in an appropriate space, and in reasonable proximity to their work and study areas. The UCR Lactation Accommodation Program supports a mother’s right to breastfeed through accommodations and 2 private lactation rooms in Sproul Hall 2113 and Pierce Hall 2114B.

Smoking/Tobacco Use & Sale on Campus (Policy 850-65)

One of the primary goals of the University of California, Riverside (UCR) is to promote a safe and healthy atmosphere for students, faculty, staff, and visitors on the campus.  The intent of this policy is to protect the rights of all individuals on the UCR campus to breathe smoke-free air through the controlled sale and use of tobacco products.

Designated Smoking Area Map

Substance Abuse

The University strives to maintain a workplace free from the illegal use, possession, or distribution of controlled substance. Unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of controlled substances by University employees in the workplace or on University business is prohibited. In addition, employees shall not use illegal substances or abuse legal substances in a manner that impairs performance of assigned tasks.

Sustainability Policy

The University of California, Riverside seeks to achieve and maintain leadership in environmental stewardship and sustainability on the campus and in the community. We will bring vision, intellect, and high ethical standards to our pursuit of environmental leadership in research and teaching, institutional operations, campus infrastructure, and our relationship with the community.

Vending Machines

All vending machines located throughout campus will contain at least 25% healthy snack choices. All healthy snack choices will be marked with a green "healthy choice" sticker.

Violence & Threats in the Workplace

UCR Policy Statement & Local Procedures: Violence & Threats in the Workplace - (Zero-Tolerance)

The policy of the University of California, Riverside is a Zero Tolerance Standard with regard to threats and violent behavior in the workplace. Specifically prohibited are: threats and/or violent behavior, whether direct, indirect, implied, or actual conduct from any person, including faculty, staff, students and members of the public. This type of conduct is prohibited at any UCR facility, or in connection with the conduct of UCR business without regard to location.

Work/Life Program

The UC Riverside Work/Life program is committed to developing dynamic, problem-solving strategies, which assist staff and faculty to successfully balance their personal and professional challenges.  At UC Riverside, work/life resources are divided into three broad categories:

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