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Wellness Tutorials

Wellness Tutorials

These Conversation Tutorials* are engaging, interactive online conversations that help you self-manage major health issues. They speak directly to you and respond with answers tailored to your input.

Getting Active

This Conversation will talk with you about what can help you get started and stick to your own personal plan to be more active. Discover your very own reason to take that walk, use the stairs, or anything that you want to do that gets you on the move.

Healthy Eating

This Conversation could change how you think about eating. The Conversation on Healthy Eating isn't anything like having someone telling you to eat all your vegetables… it's all about starting small, making a plan, and not being too hard on yourself if you ate a doughnut this morning.

Healthy Thinking

This Conversation will talk to you about how your own thinking can help or hurt you. The Conversation will help you understand how healthy thoughts can encourage and support you even during tough times. Take part in this Conversation on Healthy Thinking to learn how to start thinking healthier.

Healthy Weight

This Conversation can help you understand that a healthy weight isn't about the scale. The Conversation will talk (and listen!) with you about your reasons behind your food choices and eating habits. So before you begin training your body, start training your mind with a Conversation on Healthy Weight.

Low Back Pain

This Conversation can help you understand why your back still hurts and gets you talking about which treatment options may help you most. And you'll also hear about three key ingredients you may be missing that could help you manage or even relieve your low back pain.

Quitting Smoking Again

This Conversation will talk - without preaching or using guilt - you through the small steps you can take to quit. You'll begin by finding out why you lit up again. Then you'll make your own plan that will include ways to be ready to deal with any of the things that might cause you to start up again.

Sleeping Well

Not getting enough rest each night can keep you from being on top of your game, gain weight, or cause health problems. If you're having a sleep problem, you can talk about it and come up with a plan that may increase your odds of a good night's sleep. Try a Conversation on Sleeping Well.


* The above tutorials are presented by Cigna Wellaware and were produced by Healthwise. This information does not replace the advise of a medical professional. If you have questions about a medical condition or this information, always ask your licensed health care professional.

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