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Wellness Ambassador Photo Gallery

Healthy Potluck

Each quarter, Surge 3rd floor employees host a healthy potluck including Academic  Personnel, Vice Provosts, Title IX, and Affirmative Action Offices.



Homemade bruschetta, hummus, and parmesan cheese to be served on sourdough and whole grain baguettes.

Quinoa Salad

Rice Salad

Brown and Black rice salad with chicken and fresh herbs and vegetables.

Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad

Homemade pasta and vegetable salad.

Entree table


Surge 3rd floor healthy potluck dishes laid out and ready to eat.

Smoothie Blender

Healthy Beverages

Beverages included fresh fruit smoothies.

Two people hugging

Wellness Amabassdors

Felecia Garrett and Makbule Koksal on their way to the healthy potluck.

Wellness Ambassadors

Time to Eat!

Academic Personnel, Vice Provosts, Title IX, and Affirmative Action Offices enjoying the quarterly healthy potluck!

  •  Bruschetta
  • Quinoa Salad
  • Pasta Salad
  • Entree table
  • Smoothie Blender
  • Two people hugging
  • Wellness Ambassadors

Annual Ambassador Appreciation Luncheon

The first Wellness Ambassador Appreciation Luncheon was held in June 2013 to recognize and celebrate the hard work of the Wellness Ambassadors.

Chair Massages

Chair Massages

Free chair massages were available to the ambassadors before, during and after the celebration.

Chair Massages

More Chair Massages

Ambassadors were happy to take advantage of the free massages prior to the healthy lunch.

Participants at Tables


The celebration luncheon included presentations by the faculty/staff wellness program staff.

Entree table

Healthy Lunch

A healthy lunch, prepared by dining services, was served at the luncheon.n

Julie Chobdee speaking

Wellness Program Coordinator Presentation

Julie Chobdee made a short presentation and then individually recognized the Ambassadors.

A table of ambassadors


Ambassadors were invited to share their thoughts, experiences, challenges, and successes.

Award Recipient

Certificate of Achievement

Tammy Giglio poses with her Certificate of Achievement for serving as a Wellness Ambassador

Handing out awards


Julie Chobdee recognizes Aaron Bushon for his service as a Wellness Ambassador.

Platinum award glass paper weight


Susan Hollobaugh received a Platinum Award for going above and beyond in her service as an Ambassador.

Julie handing out prizes

Raffle Prizes

Julie awaiting the winner of a raffle prize to come forward to accept their reward.

Wellness Ambassadors group photo

2013 Ambassadors

Group photo of the 2013 Wellness Ambassadors.

  •  Chair Massages
  • Chair Massages
  • Participants at Tables
  • Entree table
  • Julie Chobdee speaking
  • A table of ambassadors
  • Award Recipient
  • Handing out awards
  • Platinum award glass paper weight
  • Julie handing out prizes
  • Wellness Ambassadors group photo

Salad Bar Party

The Orbach Science Library Access Services Department enjoyed a salad bar party coordinated by Wellness Ambassador Elisha Hankins. Employees signed up to bring salad toppings, dressings, and beverages. There were so many salad ingredients that employees were able to enjoy salads throughout the week.

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad

Salad ingredients included a variety of lettuces and shredded chicken.

Veggie Platter

Salad Buffet

Some of the salad ingredients laid out in the break room at the Orbach Library.

Salad Bar Party Sign


Some signage to celebrate the Salad Bar Party sits next to a variety of salad dressing options.

Veggie Platter Close-up

Salad Toppings

Salad toppings include a variety of fresh chopped vegetables.

  • Chicken Salad
  • Veggie Platter
  • Salad Bar Party Sign
  • Veggie Platter Close-up

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