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“UCR Healthy Campus is a comprehensive approach to elevate health and well-being at UCR. We are committed to the health of our faculty, staff, and students and embrace an environment that both supports and encourages the health and well-being of our campus community.”

–Kim A. Wilcox, Chancellor

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UCR is taking an integrated and comprehensive approach to elevate health and well-being at UCR. Healthy Campus invests in improving the health and quality of life of our UCR campus community. UCR’s Healthy Campus has formed partnerships with staff, faculty, students and the surrounding community to develop, implement, and institutionalize policies and environments essential for sustainable behavior change, making the healthy choice the easy choice.


To be the model healthy campus, inspiring and infusing health and well-being into all of its facets.


To create a healthy campus culture and environment through collaboration with campus and community partners on policies, programs, services and initiatives that address all dimensions of wellness along with innovative engagement strategies, making UCR a university of choice.

Socio-Ecological Model

Ecological Model slideThe model focuses on both population-level and individual-level determinants of health and interventions. Health is determined by influences at multiple levels: public policy, community, institutional, interpersonal, and interpersonal factors. Please click here to expand image.

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Healthy Campus Newsletters
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HC Subcommittee with Chancellor and Dean deas

A cross functional committee consisting of faculty, staff, and students will provide valuable perspective and collaboration to ensure culture change, development of an action plan, and implementation. For more information, please view the Healthy Campus Advisory Committee organization chart.

These collaborative partnerships will ensure that UCR is the healthiest campus in the UC system by building a comprehensive and cohesive heathy campus for the entire UCR community. As an educational institution, UCR is committed to providing an environment that both supports and encourages the health and well-being of our campus community.

Built Environment

Built Environment

Creates a healthy, safe, and clean physical environment that supports health and well-being throughout the UCR campus.  Learn more

 Physical Activity

Physical Activity

Identifies and promotes physical activity opportunities as a way to engage more people on campus. Learn More

 Nutrition Healthy Eating icon

Healthy Eating/Nutrition

Promotes healthy eating and provides healthy food and beverage choices for the campus community through education, access and environmental support for nutritious choices. Learn more

 Mental Health

Mental Health

Improving mental health and emotional well-being through education, access to services, and environmental support for a healthy balance between work/academic and personal life. Learn more

 Preventitive Health

Preventative Health

Promoting preventive healthcare services and resources on and off campus, and increasing opportunities to initiate, protect, promote and maintain health through regular preventive care and education. Learn more

 Substance Abuse Addiction

Substance Use & Addiction

Reduce harm associated with substance use, and increase safe substance use behaviors among students, staff, and faculty. Learn more

Metrics & Quality Improvements snapshot

Quality Improvements

Identifies qualitative and quantitative opportunities to evaluate and showcase the positive impact of  Healthy Campus .
Learn more

 Culture Change subcomittee snapshot

Culture Change

Identify areas where health and well-being can be infused into the fabric of UCR daily operations, business practices, and academia. Learn more

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2019 Project Grants

UCR HC is providing an opportunity for the UCR campus community to contribute and support projects related to HC. To learn more about the project guidelines and to view the grant application, please visit the Project Grants webpage.

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2018-2019 Faculty Challenge Now Accepting Applications

UCR faculty's participation in Healthy Campus aligns with all aspects of the academic mission of teaching/mentoring, research, and service. Faculty participation may enhance academic career advancement and tenure opportunities, student collaboration and role modeling, research opportunities as well as contributions of faculty research to inform HCI directions. In addition, getting involved has the potential to improve personal health and well-being. More information, visit the HC Faculty Competition webpage.

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Deborah Deas - HCI Co-Chair

Healthy Campus Champion

Dr. Deborah Deas, Dean

School of Medicine (SOM) (BAS)

 Anne Cheney snapshot

Healthy Campus Co Chair

Dr. Ann Cheney
Assistant Professor
Center for Healthy Communities
School of Medicine
Julie Chobdee Co-Chair

Healthy Campus Co Chair

Julie Chobdee, MPH

Wellness Program Coordinator

Human Resources

Healthy Campus - Organizational Chart and Advisory Committee Members

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Julie Chobdee, MPH

Wellness Program Coordinator
Human Resources
Telephone: (951) 827-1488 | Email:


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Julie Chobdee, MPH
Wellness Program Coordinator
Human Resources

1201 University Ave., Suite 208
Riverside, CA 92507

Tel: (951) 827-1488
Fax: (951) 827-2672

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