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  • Reduce the amount of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use on campus
  • Reduce harm associated with substance use and increase safe substance use behaviors among students, staff and faculty
  • Support students, staff and faculty in recovery
  • Reduce the amount of second-hand smoke on campus
  • Reduce the amount of cigarette litter on campus
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  • Revise and strengthen the current smoke/tobacco-free policy to include cannabis
  • Continue to explore communications, education/training/compliance strategies for a tobacco-free campus
  • Develop training for ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs) prevention/education, cannabis campaign and resources for treatment
  • ASPB/SCAIP partnership on Block Party safety and policy messaging
  • Cannabis policy campaign
  • Upcoming safe party AOD campaign
  • Students in Recovery Meetings
  • Data Collection and Research
  • Biennial Review
  • Explore ways to consistently enforce sanctions for students who are intoxicated at campus events in line with a harm-reduction model
  • Begin talks to consider sanctioning based on possible amnesty considerations
  • Critically review sanction options through an addiction and recovery lens
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Devon Sakamoto snapshotDevon Sakamoto



Tanya Neiri snapshotTanya Neiri, PhD



Julie Chobdee snapshotJulie Chobdee, MPH

Wellness Program Coordinator
Human Resources

Meera Nair snapshotDr. Meera Nair

School of Medicine


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Julie Chobdee, MPH
Wellness Program Coordinator
Human Resources

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