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Healthy Recipes

Below are links to various recipe databases, meal planning tips, and resources to help you create healthy well-balanced nutritious meals based on your dietary needs and preferences.

Meal Planning & Tools

Meals Matter provides meal planning, recipes, and tools for healthy living and eating.

Eating Well is a great site for healthy recipes, tools, and articles.  

Cooking Light - Meal Planning and Recipe ideas for free!

American Dietetic Assocation provides healthy meal planning, nutrition, and cooking tips and resources.  

Healthy Recipes

Access the database for over 30,000 recipes!

All Recipes provide a vast collection of recipes and tips.

Find hundreds of healthy living recipes including low-fat, low-sodium, and heart healthy recipes at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Center.

Kaiser Permanente: Dr. Maring's Farmers' Market and Recipe Updates.

Healthy Recipes from

Search a database from the American Heart Association's Delicious Decisions for healthy recipes for appetizers to desserts and everything in between!

Enjoy Heart Healthy Meals from the American Heart Association.

EveryDay Healthy Meals from California Department of Public Health. Spanish version.

Healthy Latino Recipes from California Department of Public Health.

Food Day Recipes  - a collection of a variety of delicious, healthful, easy-to-prepare recipes from some of the country’s most prominent chefs and cookbook writers.

WebMD - healthy recipes, food news, and expert answers to your diet questions.

Special Diets

The Vegetarian Resource Group provides vegan recipes to suit every palate.

MyFoodAdvisor™ is a unique calorie and carbohydrate counting tool that can help with diabetes management and nutrition. Tracking what you eat can help manage your diabetes and in turn prevent the onset of complications. Learn about different types of food and make meal planning fun and easy with MyFoodAdvisor.

Stay Young at Heart with the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's Cooking the Heart Healthy Way.  

Cooking Naturally recipes: Macrobiotic, Vegetarian, Low Fat and Low Calorie.  

Healthy Holidays

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes - Serve up new options for a fresh approach to healthy eating this Thanksgiving.

Your 500 Calorie Thanksgiving Feast
Can you indulge this Turkey Day without wrecking your diet? You bet! Our very own Chef Meg has created nine exclusive recipes that are big on taste and tradition but low in calories.

Thanksgiving Recipes Directory
Use this comprehensive roundup of recipes to give your guests a thoughtful, health-conscious meal, and use our cooking tips to keep your kitchen stress-free.





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